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The best car shop I have ever been to! The staff go beyond expectations to leave you more than satisfied. Service is exceptional! The location is easy to find. Excellent performance and ICBC claims are welcomed. Perfect organization on it all- the efforts, the courtesy car, the timing, etc. And last but not least your fixed vehicle is washed and vacuumed. What a pleasant surprise! I greatly appreciated that. Thank you the great experience. It was a pleasure dealing with Terry and his team!

Pepi Nikolova, 10/24/2019

Terry was great. I was very happy with the work. My daughter also had her car fixed and was happy with the results. I would definitely recommend this shop.

Hippie Cranberry, 09/01/2019

I've been here twice about 9 months apart and they still recognized my face as soon as I walked in! The staff found the cheapest option for me, gave me a courtesy car, detailed the inside of my car and fixed my popped open door which was leaking water into my car out of kindness! Amazing friendly staff that all go beyond expectations to leave you more than satisfied. Definitely coming back if I need to. Thanks guys!

Fraser Rostad, 03/29/2019

They are really professional, friendly, and helpful people. You can trust them without any single hesitation. Gord is the best. Thank you all guys. Highly recommended

Ozkan Kocaoglu, 03/28/2019

Easy to find. Friendly staff. Quick service. Excellent work. ICBC claims welcome. Organizes all needed efforts, like a rental car, etc, for you. And presents your fixed vehicle washed and vacuumed back to you. Nice surprise! It was greatly appreciated by me. Thank you for an all-around great experience, Terry.

Sady Baggen Mueller, 10/30/2018

Great ownership !!

Jason Ells, 10/10/2019

I was referred to this shop by my mechanic. Simple reglue job of molding around my passenger door. They did it right away and did not even charge me. Thank you!

Inga Rabe, 11/02/2018

Fixed my Acura MDX. Very good service. Thank you

Shahab Ardestani, 10/18/2018

Top-quality work. They are very friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend As New Autobody

Pat Stewart, 10/24/2018

Recommend this place 100% great service great staff Gord was exceptional

Jenny K, 10/03/2018

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